Electric and gas

2012 – Installation of its first rooftop solar array to offset approximately 40% of its annual electric use.

2014 – Replacement of every light fixture in the facility with high efficiency T8 and T5 fixtures.  The production and warehouse forced-air unit heaters were replaced with high efficiency natural gas infrared tube heaters.  Not only did this increase the effectiveness and comfort for employees, but decreased gas consumption dramatically.

2016 – Installation of a second solar array to complete coverage and produce a net of 100% of the annual power requirements for the entire facility

With and annual capacity of 68 megawatt hours, equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 43 acres of forest, the energy in 48,745 lbs of coal or 5,140 gallons of gasoline, per year.

Both solar arrays are owned and operated by Klabin Eco Development, LLC., who installs and owns these and additional solar arrays, and provides clean energy to its tenants.