We have several labs to handle different aspects of our business including fragrance development and sampling, applications and pilot batching, and quality control.

The fragrance development lab is where all of the new formulas go for sample creation, and eventually sent to a customer.  We have dedicated lab techs creating new experiments and samples continuously each day.

Once samples are complete, they often go to our applications lab where they can be tested with customer supplied bases or with one of our many in-house bases.  We often test in multiple waxes for candles, oils for diffusers, or lotions or shampoo, along with many other products.  Our equipment includes water baths, wax melters, viscometers, ovens and freezers for freeze-thaw and stability studies, along with other equipment required for applications.  We also have pilot application equipment including jacketed kettles and a variety mixers, to work on small batch finished products.

Our quality control lab is dedicated to testing incoming and outgoing materials.  Every material entering or leaving the building is tested using our 4 step process of odor comparison, color comparison, specific gravity, and refractive index.

Certain high value or novel items are also analyzed using an Agilent GC/MS, along with any other items that require a closer look.  Samples are retained for several years to ensure stability and performance.